A California native, Mike was exposed to the outdoors at an early age. Growing up in Bakersfield; the Western Sierras, Yosemite and Bass Lake were just a short drive away. These vast destinations became Mike’s playground and where he found his adventurous spirit and love for nature.  Years later, his fascination with wilderness evolved when Mike’s family relocated to lush Northern California. It was here where he began tracking and watching the various birds out of his second story window.  It wasn’t until a High School “Intro to Photography” class that Mike realized he could take his passion for the outdoors to a new level. Learning to work with 35mm film, shooting, processing and developing his images became his newfound love. Realizing his passion and finding his niche, Mike headed to the highly acclaimed Brookes Institute of Photography where he studied both Film Production and Photography. Although comfortable shooting motion or capturing stills, a single image to Mike, feels much more powerful than 24 frames per second. This frame of mind led Mike to veer more towards photography than film in his artwork. Mike’s approach to photography is to make the viewer feel within the image.  

A true Nomad at heart; nothing makes Mike feel more alive than the solidarity of being alone in nature with only a camera by his side. He is always prepared to capture the moments he sees, experiences and feels. His goal is simple; share his experiences with the world, let minds wander and push them to explore.

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